About PouredPure

At Altitude Spirits, the Boulder, Colorado-based purveyor and importer of some great organic spirit brands, we have a tendency to amass some outstanding cocktail recipes. Some we create, and some are well-known classics whose time has come again, but most come to us through the mixologists, restaurateurs, and spirits enthusiasts. In our line of work, we know well how important purity is to people who are serious about craft spirits—no self-respecting imbiber of good booze wants to dump syrupy artificial junk into their glass. And so we thought, “hey, we have an amazing library of organic and craft cocktails! What if we took all these recipes that come to us and put them in a place where we can share them with everyone?” And so PouredPure was born.

We invite you to look around and check out some of the wildly creative, historical, and utterly delicious concoctions that we post here. This site provides an ever-growing reference resource and a source of inspiration for people everywhere who are passionate about fine spirits and great cocktails. Cheers!