The Barrel ‘o Cherries


This fresh, original recipe comes to us from mixologist Dane Dostert at Boulder sushi hotspot Japango. It features a very exotic ingredient that is also incredibly easy to make: barrel-aged Vodka 14. The easiest way to make it at home is to use a kit, available online, which uses a honeycomb-shaped wood insert to accelerate the aging process dramatically, yielding a good  result in as little as few a weeks. Age the Vodka 14 to taste and combine 1.5 ounces of it with 0.75 ounces of Leopald’s Michigan Tart Cherry liqueur, half an ounce of raw-cane simple syrup, half an ounce of lemon juice, and two dashes of Fee Brothers plum bitters. Shake and strain into a martini glass, garnished with an orange twist.